Sunday, 31 August 2014

NFHM 2014 – 31 Genealogy Activities for Researchers

#NFHM2014 is almost over & this is my round-up of the activities I have participated in:

1. Visit the NFHM sponsors page and consider entering the prize draw for individuals
I entered to win a research voucher with Shauna Hicks.

2. Apply for a National Library of Australia e-resources card and explore genealogy resources online at home if you have not done so before
I have a card but I haven’t used the e-resources much.  I need to add this to my to-do list.  I probably need to have a good look at what resources are available & how they might help me & then make a strategy from there.

3. Visit your State library and see what genealogical information they hold. If distant, do a virtual visit. If you do not already have a State library card, apply so that you can use their e-resources at home.
I also have a card for the Stage Library but haven’t used their e-resources much.  I probably also need to add this to my to-do list.  A Hangout on Air or an alternative format to discuss the resources that are available & how people have used these to further their research might be useful.

4. Check out all the new resources on Ancestry and enter the prize draw to win a year's subscription - major sponsor and prize sponsor.
I use Ancestry regularly.  I also subscribe to their blog which lets me know about the latest resources they have available.  Actually, many of the genealogy blogs I follow alert me to new resources on Ancestry.

5. Have a look at some of the great genealogy cruises coming up with Unlock the Past - prize sponsor
I had a look at the online catalogue of cruises for 2014 –2016.  I have heard a lot of positive feedback about these cruises & the idea of geneacruising is tempting.

6. Visit your State Archives and see what resources they hold and look at their fact sheets and guides. If distant, do a virtual visit.
I regularly visit the NSW State Archives & I’ve used their online search facilities a few times this month.

7. Remember to check out the National Archives of Australia - NFHM launch sponsor

I’ve only really used this site once before, to search for & order my grandfather’s service record.  This month I visited the site to look at their resources & I read their fact sheets. 

8. Attend one of the online events in the NFHM web calendar
I attended several online events this month.  The Society of Australian Genealogists hosted ‘A Smorgasboard of Webinars for the Family Historian’.  I watched 2 webinar repeats: English BDM Indexes – Using Them for Research Success! with Audrey Collins & GENUKI – The World at Your Fingertips with Martyn Killion.

I also watched GeniAus’ Hangout on Air for National Family History Month, the Society of Australian Genealogists’ webinar on Evernote with Cyndi Ingle & Shauna Hicks’ webinar Gold Genealogy Rules: Tips to Uncover Your Family Heritage.

9. Explore your surname in the MyHeritage Last Name Directory - major sponsor and prize


I looked up my surname & found its distribution across the world, most popular given names, & possible family trees connected to my surname.

10. Visit your local genealogy/family history society and see what resources they hold. If you are not a member, think about joining or perhaps join a society near where your ancestors lived.
I didn’t visit my local society, but I did check out other nearby societies online.  

11. Visit the NFHM Facebook page for updates throughout August

Have you Liked our page yet?

I’ve like the page & visited it a few times during August..

13. Download the free August genealogy ebook from genEbooks - prize sponsor.
I didn’t download this month’s free genealogy ebook, but I have downloaded a few in the past.

16. Attend/listen to a webinar or Google + hangout  - why not join Google + and see what other Aussie genealogists are doing?
I watched several hangouts & webinars this month, but this is something I always do anyhow.

17. Early NSW ancestors? - have a look at the Biographical Database of Australia - prize sponsor
I have a subscription & almost forgot about this resource.  I think I need to add this to my to-do list.

18. Read a family history blog or start your own genealogy blog writing stories about individual ancestors or families.
I read many, many genealogy blogs. 

19. Have another look at that brick wall - construct a time line of known facts and relook at everything.
I found another surname variation for Rae this month & again tried to locate my elusive ancestor’s arrival in Australia.

20. Visit your local library and explore the genealogy and local history 
sections. Or visit your local historical society or a virtual visit to an historical society near where your ancestors lived.
I visited my local library.  There really is a great range of genealogical & local history resources available there.

26. Explore FamilySearch and perhaps do one of
their online tutorials. Major sponsor

I watched tutorials on genealogy methodology.

28. Plan to attend the next AFFHO congress in Canberra in March 2015 - Major sponsor and prize sponsor

There are some very interesting talks scheduled & some speakers who’d I’d love to hear.  I subscribed to the Canberra Calling newsletter for updates.

Even though I didn't complete some of these activities, they put the resources back on my radar.  I now need to plan a strategy to utilise these resources more.

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