Thursday, 19 November 2015

Just Added to My Genealogy Wish List - Silesia Map Guides

I came across this new & promising resource while I was catching up on my blog reading - Volume 53 of the Map Guide to German Parish Registers: Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Silesia, RB Liegnitz. I have several Lutheran ancestors from this area &, not really knowing how to proceed with my research, I could definitely use a helpful resource.

According to the publishers, this book:

  • Identifies the parish where an ancestor worshipped based on where they lived
  • Gives the FHL microfilm number for the family’s parish records
  • Identifies nearly every city, town, and place that included residents
  • Visually identifies church parishes for Lutherans & Catholics in each district
  • Identifies adjoining parishes in case an ancestor attended an alternate parish
  • Aids in area searches, particularly across district or regional borders
  • Provides visual identification of search areas in which to look for a family
  • Helps in determining proximity of one area to another
  • Aids in determining reasonable distances of travel from one area to another
  • Identifies population centres in each parish
  • Identifies archives, repositories, and other resources
  • Aids in identification of the location of minority religions

Definitely on my wish list!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Wonders of Social Media

Leaving work today, the crossing lady told me to visit the Family History Group of Bathurst's Facebook page so that I could see photos of my newly restored Curran's graves posted there. How amazing is it that we live in a world / time that's made it possible for such a chain of events to happen!

Graves sinking into each other. Photo from Family History Group of Bathurst's Facebook page.

According to the page, the graves had been sinking into each other.  A new plinth was built to stabilise the graves and place the headstones upon.  This work was done by volunteers.  These are the graves of my 3rd great grandparents & their son.  I can't begin to express how grateful I am to the person who told me about it (because I probably wouldn't know about it if she hadn't told me) & to the people who have restored the graves. :)

Restored graves on new plinth. Photo from Family History Group of Bathurst's Facebook page.

I'm looking forward to visiting these graves during the Christmas holidays.  I want to get a closer look at gravestone inscriptions & the design on the cross.