Sunday, 31 August 2014

GeniAus' Hangout on Air - What a Month That Was #NFHM2014

I can now add another achievement to my list of activities for NFHM 2014 - I participated in +Jill Ball's (aka GeniAus) Hangout on Air recapping #NFHM2014.

This was my first hangout & Jill made me feel comfortable being a part of this.  Now this is saying something because I really don't like speaking in front of an audience (I'm even uncomfortable & self-conscious about speaking at grade assemblies).  So a special thank you both to Jill & the GeniAus community :)


  1. It was lovely to meet another young genie! :)

  2. "Young" is a pretty relative term. I'm probably twice your age Caitlin - my youngest son is in his 2nd year of uni. It was lovely to meet you too :)