Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Way Overdue Blog Binge is Ahead!

I have had a few busy weeks, somewhat stressful and sad nursing my beloved dog who was sick,and then then dealing with the pain and grief and heartbreak.of having her euthanased on Halloween. After dealing with that I needed to turn to my school reports. I have just finished writing my reports which means that I can look forward to a blog binge tomorrow.

At this exact point in time I have approximately 477 unread blogs. So, tomorrow I'll be reading 477 blogs or (maybe deleting the blogs that don't interest me) in order to get it my Feedly under some sort of control again.

I also signed up for Congress & can't wait to meet the other genies and learn from their presentations.

More about this at a later date. Perhaps it should be the topic of the next GeniAus Hangout on Air. 


  1. Thrilled you'll be at Co gress. I'll get back to Hangouts in January when I return to Oz.

  2. Just opened Feedly & I was up to 508 blog posts!