Saturday, 21 June 2014

John Henry Fleming & the Myall Creek Massacre

Recently I read an article in Inside History magazine (May-June 2014 edition, Issue 22), Justice Eraded, Justice Denied, about one of my indirect ancestors, John Henry Fleming.  John Henry was the son of Henry Fleming, one of the earliest free colonists, and Elizabeth Hall, my 5th great grandparents.  He was also the brother of Mary Ann Fleming, my 4th great grandmother.

This article revealed John Henry Fleming’s involvement as the ringleader of the Myall Creek massacre (1838), in which 28 Aboriginal men, women and children were murdered.

I was shocked to learn that one of my ancestors was not only involved in this incident, but was identified as the ringleader.

The next issue of Inside History magazine, due out in July, will focus on the aftermath of the massacre.

Another article in this issue, Exploring Australia’s Oldest Church, mentioned John Henry Fleming’s maternal grandfather, George Hall, who was one of the founders of Australia’s oldest surviving European church, Ebenezer church.

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