Friday, 10 January 2014

Picasa & Digital Photos

Today I have been adding labelling & tagging my digital photos.  I learnt to do this using Paint yesterday, but today I have been playing with Picasa 3 more & I’ve learnt how to add captions to the photos.  I think I like Picasa more, especially being able to tag people in the photos.

At the moment I have only scanned old family photos, but my mother suggested taking photos of them with a digital camera to get a better resolution.

How do you get digital images of old family photos?  What software do you use?


  1. I love Picasa and have used it to organise my 90, 000+ photos. A great free tool for genealogists.

  2. Last year I went to a scanning demo session run by PROV for community groups interested in preserving their archives. They used a camera set up on a stand to copy books and other papers - it was a very way to copy lots of pages! They said that a scanner was better for old photographs as each one needs individual tweaking in order to get the best digital image.

  3. Maureen, that actually gels with a blog I read recently (I wish I could remember which one!) which compared photos taken of old photos with different devices at different zoom levels. It seemed to support the fact that a digital scan had much better resolution than digital cameras or the cameras on smartphones. But I guess it depends on how high the resolution on the scanner is. I think it's a bit too technical for me.