Sunday, 29 December 2013

Accentuate the Positive 2013 - GeniAus' Geneameme

Just watching +GeniAus's latest Hangout On Air - Happy Dances.  I haven't mastered it, but I have started using a new software program, Evidentia.  I think it's especially useful for problem individuals in my tree.  It guides you in applying the GPS process & allows you to assemble evidence from a range of sources for any individual.  For example, I've started using it for one of my ancestors.  I've examined his Will and extracted all of the information from it.  I can now look at that ancestor, choose an event (say his children) and look at all evidence about his children from a range of sources that I examine & add.  Evidentia is available as a free 30 day trial version so that you can try it yourself.

I downloaded the trial version but didn't actually get around to using it before it expired.  Examining a copy of a Will I recently got from Cornwall gave me a lead on an ancestor's parents, which contradicted everything that I had found online.  This gave me the incentive & the opportunity to try out the program.  I did need to keep referring back to the Evidentia tutorials & DearMYRTLE's Hangout's the first time I used it, but after that it was very easy.  I can see ways I could use it to build up a case using several sources, which I don't think is really emphasised on the tutorials.

Another plus is that it cost less than $25 AUD (cue another happy dance!).

DearMYRTLE has discussed the Evidentia software on a few of her Hangouts & there are video tutorials and examples on both the Evidentia website and on YouTube.


  1. Thanks, Sherie for contributing to the Geneameme. I'll be interested to hear more about Evidentia,as you use it further.

  2. Hi Sherie. Happy New Year! Hmm....I tried the Evidentia software earlier this year but didn't make a very good go of it. Thanks for the video tutorials tip. I will look at those because I would like to be more robust in my research endeavours.

  3. Hi Alex, I think Evidentia is something you would use more for resolving conflicting information and building a case on the evidence you have. I wouldn't use it for everyone or every situation. With the person I have used it for so far, there are only parish records available so I'm trying to build evidence for the family units / parentage.